Thursday, February 4, 2010

NHC Calendar

The NTRA released the 2010 NHC Tour calendar including the online events. It starts slow, but April through October is filled with events from coast to coast including racetracks, online, and casinos. Entry fees range from $100 to $3,000 with $300 to $500 being most typical.

Santa Anita announced an interesting handicapping contest in February, and it places the top 3 in the NHC Finals. It is called ‘Battle of the Handicapping Stars.’  I guess if you live in Los Angeles and can't make it vas a movie star you can shoot for this star.  Anyway, it has a hefty $10,000 entry fee with $2,500 going to prize money and $7,500 as live bankroll for two days. It is limited to the first 30 people to pay the entry fee, and the player with the highest bankroll wins $85,000 plus keeps their bankroll as do all contestants.

A scan of some of the tour events shows more tournaments adopting this approach, though at much smaller entry fees. Personally, I like this format as many more strategies come into play.

On a sad note, Winslow Homer was found to have a stress fracture this week.  He ran well winning the Holy Bull at Gulfstream last week, but this will sideline him for about 3 months and end his Derby hopes.

My weekend events include:
Beat the Host
Magna Five
Santa Anita’s ‘Winvivor.’

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