Sunday, February 7, 2010

They Call Me ‘Mr. Place’

Weather played havoc with the tracks this weekend. The snow canceled racing all along the eastern seaboard; thus, once again cancelling the Magna 5 before it has a chance to begin. In the West, rain shut down Santa Anita, so no ‘Winvivor,’ and the beat the host competition was shortened to the 4 races from Gulfstream.

I know I’ve been on a - picking the 2nd place horse - roll in this contest, but this weekend was ridiculous. I had the place horse in every race. This week the Host changed, and this week it is HRTV’s Jeff Siegel, here are his picks:

Saturday, February 6th
Track Race Post
(ET) Host Pick Host Results Winning Runner Winner Payout
Gulfstream 5 3:06pm #4 Sea of Sea $0.00 #11 Lonesome Street $34.50
Gulfstream 6 3:35pm #1 Day of Destiny $19.00 #1 Day of Destiny $19.00
Gulfstream 7 4:04pm #4 Sleepless Knight $0.00 #10 Boots Ahead $24.50
Gulfstream 9 5:02pm #3 Court Vision $9.50 #3 Court Vision $9.50
Host's Total: $28.50

GP #5: His Sea of Seas 2-1 breaks sharply and leads to the stretch where he flattens to 4th, while I take 4-1 Beau Choix who rallies from 6th but can’t catch Lonesome Street and finishes 2nd. GP #5 Charts.

GP #6: Jeff’s 3-1 Day of Destiny proves his name, rallying past my 7-1 Chasing Ted at the wire - 2nd again.GP #6 Charts.

GP #7: His Sleepless Knight 2-1 falters while I have a hard charging Sincero 9-1 coming from 4th in the stretch and battling Boots Ahead 4-1 moving from 5th in the stretch. They are 3 lengths clear of the field, but Boots does it at the wire and it’s a place finish for the 3rd time in a row. GP #7 Charts.

GP #9: With no winners, and this being the last race, I pass on this race.

Recall, Twinspires had a Million point bonus on Saturday’s late pick 4 – races 8 thru 11 – so I continue to play. Do you wish to guess the result? Yes, I hit the 1st 3 legs with the $12, 50 cent pick 4 ticket (1+6/4/4+5+8+10/1+4+5), so the 1, 4, and 5 are live on the final race.

#11 Tottie 2-1 stalks the entire race from 2nd and easily moves past a tiring, frontrunner In My Glory. My #5 Cable rushes from 7th at the ¾ pole and stretch to pass Tottie; however, he does it a stride after the wire and I lose out on the pick 4 pool by finishing 2nd in the final leg.

The day was profitable as the Win/Place wages cashed, but there were many ‘oh so close!’

The Day: +
Hottie: Wildcat Frankie 1-1 GP #8 – 1st
Dream-Maker: Sincero 9-1
Heart-Breaker: Sincero 2nd
Stable-Baker: none
Bank-Raker: Sincero
Video-Taker: Sincero

History passes the final judgment. ~ Sidney Poiter

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