Thursday, January 28, 2010

All Dressed up but No Place to Go

The 2010 DRF Championship begins tomorrow and I find myself without an invitation. Of course that is hardly surprising since I didn’t try to qualify – except for 2 free online contests – in 2009. This year Twinspires tv and Jill Byrne will cover the action. It will be interesting to see how they try to cover an event like this.

As January winds down there is still relatively little action occurring. March will see it heating up, but here are a few of the events worth watching/playing over the next couple of weeks:
1) Beat the Host continues thru February
2) Santa Anita and Gulfstream combine to host the ‘Sunshine Millions’ this weekend
3) Santa Anita’s ‘Winvivor’ begins again on Feb. 6
4) Twinspires will carry over their 1,000,000 point bonus to Louisiana Derby Preview Day on Feb. 20 as no one hit the $100,000 guaranteed Pick 4 last Saturday

Played a little Gulfstream and Santa Anita today making a little scratch. Have yet to uncork the wad. What was interesting was Joe K. was making a couple guest appearances at GP today and nailed 3 of 3 winners including two cold exacts. He looked like a genius.

Finished reading ‘Not by a Longshot’ which is an interesting book recalling a year at Suffolk Downs in Boston. First,it was enlightening reading all the work, time, and cajoling it took to assemble a full card and field for a big special day, like Suffolk’s Million Dollar Mass Cap Day. Likewise, it was fascinating seeing how fast it could all crumble in a couple of years. It puts this weekend’s Sunshine Millions in perspective as well as the work required to keep a mid-level track operating.

“A dead atheist is someone who’s all dressed up with no place to go.” ~ James Duffecy

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Marla said...


I've visited your blog a few times this past year and was hoping to follow you to the NHC. I'm working on an article for tomorrow for on the NHC for I may reference your site. Would you like to add some personal comments about how tough this contest is and what it takes to be included? My email address is -Marla