Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beat the Host #3

Event #3 and it comes down to the final race. A win and in or a loss and try again! Details below.

GP 3 [$45k Mdn 4 &up 8f]
ML 3-1 #3 Pedrolino:
Pedrolino was scratched in morning so a one time starter off layoff @ 15-1 – Blue Solitude. The favorite Causeway’s Kin wins easily @ 4-5, so no damage done.
# Horse Jockey Weight Win Place Show
5 Causeway's Kin Trujillo Elvis 124 3.80 2.60 2.10
8 Inheritor (GER) Castro Eddie 124 8.40 4.80
6 Caffe D' Oro Saez Luis 119 3.20

SA 1 [$44k Mdn 6f]
ML 12-1 #1 Paradise Found:
Paradise goes off at a juicy 17-1 and runs like it coming in last of 6. Timbavati the favorite holds on to win at 2-1, so still no damage done.
# Horse Jockey Weight Win Place Show
5 Timbavati Bejarano Rafael 121 6.00 3.20 2.20
4 Imperial Pride Talamo Joseph 121 3.60 2.60
6 Royce Gomez Garrett K. 121 2.60

GP 6 [$100k 3yo T 8f]
ML 5-1 #7 Bim Bam:
Bim Bam goes off at a playable 3-1. Runs a great race, taking the lead on the turn, gets past on the inside in the stretch, fights back for a length lead ………. Then gets beaten sat the wire by a flying Nordic Truce on the outside who got a dream trip. Heartbreaker! Nordic Truce was the favorite and paid 2-1. Three races and three favorites coming home so still no big damage, except the host Jon White has picked all three favorites and is 3-0!
# Horse Jockey Weight Win Place Show
4 Nordic Truce Leparoux Julien R. 116 6.40 3.60 3.00
7 Bim Bam Coa Eibar 120 4.00 3.00
10 Call Shot Lezcano Jose 116 6.80

Three races run and the host total is $40.50

SA 2 [$44k Mdn F T 6.5f]
ML 4-1 Miss Pleasant:
Pleasant couldn’t shake off the rust, comes in lagging. Madel wins as ½ of an entry paying 4-1. Halfway through the contest and needing 7-1 or better to catch up.
# Horse Jockey Weight Win Place Show
1A Madel Solis Alex O. 122 10.60 4.40 3.60
8 Khendum Smith Mike E. 122 5.00 3.80
2 Susan's Wildcat Gomez Garrett K. 122 4.60

SA 3 [$100k G3 8f] San Rafael
ML 8-1 #4 Lucky Rave:
Conveyance wins easily at 1-5. So far today all chalk but the 4-1 entry. With the host playing chalk all day it will now take ~ 8-1 to overtake him.
# Horse Jockey Weight Win Place Show
3 Conveyance Gomez Garrett K. 116 2.60 2.20 2.10
1 Cardiff Giant Espinoza Victor 116 5.20 3.00
2 Domination Rosario Joel 116 2.40

The host now has $47.00 with three races left, so I’ll either need an 8-1 shot, or a couple wins strung together.

GP 9 [$48k Alw 4&up 6f]
ML 6-1 #11 Todd Got Even:
Finally a winner, but as suspected yesterday, the horse goes off under its morning line of 6-1 and pays just over7/2. This still leaves me in the hole. My total is now$24.00 vs JW’s $47

# Horse Jockey Weight Win Place Show
11 Todd Got Even Marquez, Jr. Carlos H. 120 9.60 3.80 2.80
6 Obligingly Velazquez John R. 120 2.40 2.60
4 Charlott Humor Saez Luis 115 4.80

SA 5 [$150k G2 F 7f] Santa Ynez
ML 8-1 Whispering Hush:
Make the call to go to the 2nd horse I liked here, Amen Hallelujah bouncing between 5-1 and 4-1. If it goes at 9/2 it should cover JW’s total; however, now I find myself in a bind. As often happens during the course of a race day, the probable post times have changed. This race at Santa Anita is now looking to go at approximately the same time as the last race at Gulfstream.

The dilemma is payoffs aren’t known until a few minutes after the race is over, so even with a win I won’t know whether to cover JW’s pick at GP by selecting the same horse if I overtake him in this race so he can’t jump back ahead, or if slightly trailing to jump on the heavy favorite – Pinckney Hill - at GP’s final to overtake him, or if Amen doesn’t win to pick a 5-1 or better to make up the ground.

As post time approaches I take Amen hoping it pays 9/2 or better, and if she doesn’t win I stay with Rock in Bage at 7-1 to overtake Jon White. I included the off times below.

Amen powers home by a length. As I’m waiting for the payouts at Santa Anita to post I’m watching the horses at GP’s final round the turn and wishing there had been five minutes between races. Sure enough Pinckney Hill strides confidently under the wire in 1st as the payouts show Amen paying 4-1.

This gives me a total of $45 to JW’s $47.

Off Time: 5:38 Start: 6 went. Good for all. Won driving. Track: Fast Weather: Cloudy 71o
Horse Jockey Weight Win Place Show
4 Amen Hallelujah Sutherland Chantal 114 8.40 4.20 3.20
2 Franny Freud Gomez Garrett K. 123 3.40 3.20
6 Switch Bejarano Rafael 114 4.20

GP 10 [$51k Alw 4&up 6f]
ML 6-1 #8 Rock in Bage:
Off Time: 5:40 Start: 12 went. Good for all. Won driving. Track: Firm (Rail at 84 ft) Weather: Clear 78o
# Horse Jockey Weight Win Place Show
10 Pinckney Hill Maragh Rajiv 120 5.40 3.40 2.40
4 Picou Castellano Javier 120 5.20 3.60
6 Thou Swell Garcia Alan 120 3.40

The favorites win 5 of the 8 contest races. I’ve been on two of the three prices that have won and still lose by two dollars. The host has beat me with the 1-5 horse Conveyance, paying $6.5 on a $5 win bet, OH MY!

I may need Vodka?

Official results below. The contest winners for the day had a total of $102.50. By the way, that’s the 2nd time in three events Fuguo Wong has come in second. He may need Vodka too.

Saturday, January 16th
Track Race Post
(ET) Host Pick Host Results Winning Runner Winner Payout
Gulfstream Park 3 2:10pm #5 Causeway's Kin $9.50 #5 Causeway's Kin $9.50
Santa Anita 1 3:30pm #5 Timbavati $15.00 #5 Timbavati $15.00
Gulfstream Park 6 3:36pm #4 Nordic Truce $16.00 #4 Nordic Truce $16.00
Santa Anita 2 4:00 pm #3 Aprisa Luna $0.00 #1a Madel $26.50
Santa Anita 3 4:31pm #3 Conveyance $6.50 #3 Conveyance $6.50
Gulfstream Park 9 5:08pm #6 Obligingly $0.00 #11 Todd Got Even $24.00
Santa Anita 5 5:34pm #2 Franny Freud $0.00 #4 Amen Hallelujah $21.00
Gulfstream Park 10 5:38pm #1 Don'twait Toolong $0.00 # 10 Pinckney Hill $13.50
Host's Total: $47.00

Prize Winners for Saturday, January 16th
Place Name Mutuel Total Prize
1st Thomas Ramirez $102.50 $1000
2nd Fuguo Wong $100.00 $500

You have to have darkness...for the dawn to come. ~Anon

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