Friday, January 8, 2010

Tomorrow Tomorrow

Creaky gears are starting to turn and come to life. Played Gulfstream yesterday and finally started cashing. Rather than discuss all the races, as there are other items to post, I’ll just summarize using Bugs Bunny's line – ignoranamous! Turn a plus day to minus by ... well,Obsequious.

Obsequious won her 1st maiden race and then promptly went on a lovely 0-11 streak. That streak included multiple starts in G3 races and G2 throughout Kentucky in which she just couldn’t pull off the charge, so 2nds, 3rd s and such dominated her PPs. The 7th at Gulfstream was a 48k Alw and I fell in love with a 0-11 shipping in who proved her record was no fluke by making it 0-12.

Today Jeremy Plonk begins his weekly ‘Countdown to the Crown’ feature at plus his weekly chat about all the 3 year olds making a bid for a start at the Kentucky Derby. I’ll summarize the weekly Derby contender chats another day, but it is only four months to the Derby so excitement is starting to build.

Finally, ‘Beat the Host’ continues tomorrow and after a week of wound licking I’m ready jump in again. Have been playing Santa Anita’s ‘Showvivor’ the last week, and from a total of ~ 1,800 entries, I’m still one of 384 alive – it too is a simple, free contest – just pick one horse to ‘show’ each day until all but one are eliminated. I’ll update next week with details if still in the running.

Hottie: Obsequious – 5th
Paid: 0, 0, 0

Day –

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