Saturday, January 2, 2010

XpressBet Challenge

The XpressBet Challenge starts this afternoon and runs for 9 weeks every Saturday.

Here is quick look at the results for the 1st two weeks of last year’s tourney.

Prize Winners for Saturday, January 3th
Place Player Payoffs Prize
1st Stephen Waller 141.00 $1500.00
2nd Steven Moyer
Patrick Husain 138.50 $375.00
4th Charles G. 129.50 $150.00
5th Ronald Jones 118.50 $50.00

Prize Winners for Saturday, January 10th
Place Player Payoffs Prize
1st Leonard Powell 134.50 $1500.00
2nd Harvey Hochberg 120.00 $500.00
3rd Allan Goldman
Tim Simmons
Bernardo Wisner 119.50 $166.67

A review of all nine weeks show the highest total by a winner of $255 and the lowest winning total being $104 in week nine. The contest is eight $5 win wagers over eight predetermined races. Assuming $150 to be the goal needed to win, that equates to picking eight winners at ~ 4-1 odds. Picking eight out of eight is slightly easier than hitting back to back hole-in-ones – on par fours – so finding high odds horses is key.

Now for the uninitiated to race wagering or tournaments, tournament play is a totally different strategy than a regular day of race wagering – it’s like playing the 2 minute offense all game and trying the long bomb every down. Another day will be for a discussion various strategies, but for now, below is simply a list some of the items to be tracked over the coming months:

NHC Standings
Tournament Results
Win %
Horse of the Day
Triple Crown Runners

Hottie: Mega Party in 3rd @ TP [3yo $7,500 C 6f] – Finished strong 2nd by 9L but never a threat to win, lost by 2L.
Paid: 0 – 4.6 – 3.2 so a little was made.

Heart Breaker: Frisco Lass in 2nd @ TP [$7,500 MC 6.5f] – Broke from the #7 hole at a mouth watering 17-1 with #9 2 lengths leader at the start. #s 10 & 11 close down at turn with #1 pinching up. Gonzalez stands on her to pull her up from trampling the faltering #9, regaining momentum after the turn she looks outside but is blocked again from the now rearguard cavalry charge. Changes course again, goes to rail, breaks free and finishes 2nd to 58-1 Alysdeil! The Super paid $49,170. Added her to stable watch and hoping to find her at 8-1 or better her next start.
Paid: 0 – 14.4 – 6.6 so nice payout as she was played across but heavier for the place.

The Day: +

Continued Ida’s training today. The girl knows her commands, the challenge will be distractions! Boy does that dog love birds, squirrels and her favorite of favorite – RABBITS! She’ll be working fine and then … ‘oh look a bird.’ Reminds me of my twenties and … ‘oh look a skirt,’ so I do have patience with it.

We long for affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment. ~G. Eliot

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