Thursday, January 14, 2010


Got called in and am having to put in many work hours this week. Don’t they know I’m semi retired and this is cutting in to my track time? Only had time for a couple of races at Santa Anita, but plan on GP, SA, and TP tomorrow along with prepping for Saturday’s contest, and the Triple Crown Countdown chat.

Played two races at SA, both to win and both came in second. Guess that makes me the 1st lozer.

So I was laying there this morning having my morning cup of joe with the inamorata when she tells me a story she saw on the news. Apparently, they went and tested the public self serve and coffee dispensers they now have in all the convenience marts and gas stations. What do you think they found? Um hmm, 88% tested positive for fecal matter! It seems drinking from the horse stall is cleaner.

That’s right sports fans, not everyone is washing their hands. I never would go to those self serve buffet bars because everyone drags their arms and hands through them, and so many people would tell me they were sick after eating at a place with that type of service/menu. Anyway, when people get a quick cup of coffee on the go and say, ‘this tastes like crapple,’ hey they aren’t exaggerating. Makes me thankful the Bon Vivant makes a fresh pot every morning!

“Civilization is being poisoned by its own waste products ~ R. W. Inge

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