Sunday, January 24, 2010

Buffalo Bills

NFL Championships are being played today and I think back to the Buffalo Bills and all those runner-up finishes, or first loser. Yesterday was week four of the beat the host challenge and I never implemented my get ahead early and cover strategy. After reviewing the 8 race card and Jon White’s picks, I was ready to shoot for prices.

The highlight of the card was Gulfstream’s Holy Bull race for KY Derby contenders. Summarized, Jon White had one winner with most of his picks never challenging or finishing in the money. Me: one winner too, and four seconds in four weeks to Jon White; thus the Buffalo Bills reference. Nosed, closed, and necked out race after race, the profit was positive for the day on the Win/Place wagers, alas his one win was more than mine – and wins are the only barometer in this contest - so I’ve still yet to beat the host.

One Win and three Places in the 8 race card. However; again, by my unofficial count, approximately 500 have now beaten the host, but by my very official count, I am not one of them.

GP #3: His 2-1 Gift Coupon finishes 3rd while my 13-1 Frolic on Home staggers in 10th. I reach for a bomb in a wide open 12 field race and come up very empty.

FG #5: JW’s Harbin 20-1 is no threat as my 13-1 Brickyard Helen gets passed in the last strides and gets 2nd. So close to the early score to break Jon While, but still searching.

GP #6 His Paizano hits off the layoff at 3-1 while my River North finishes a game 4th at 11-1. He is now in the lead.

FG #6: His Tybalt at 4-1 never threatens as my El Caballo crushes by 3+ lengths but at 2-1 he is still in the lead. This race started 7 minutes after the 6th at Gulfstream, so with him hitting minutes earlier my favorite doesn’t get me the early lead my strategy required. Halfway through the 8 race card and still chasing.

GP #7: His Bushwhacked at 4-1 posts 3rd as my 1st time starter 8-1 Miner’s Reserve never threatens in 4th.

FG #8: His 1-1 Quiet Temper favorite is no factor as my best bet of the day 7/2 Bella Medaglia gets collared at the end of a tough stretch run by a free roaming 23-1 Jody Slew. At 23-1 this race will determine today’s contest winner, but at the moment it pancakes my attempt to overtake the host. That loss was deflating.

GP #9: JW’s William’s Kitten 12-1 gets place as I try a fresh and blinkered 16-1 Thank U Philippe in 4th. I should have been off this high odds horse with little chance of upset, bad strategy. However, even if I chose another it would not have been the winner Winslow Homer.

FG #9: The last stand and I stay with my original pick the 4-1 Coy Cat. JW’s pick, even money Trusty Temper never gets closer than ninth while Coy Cat, just like Bella the previous race, gets passed at the wire by 5-1 Annihilation.

So appropriate a name, Annihilation, to encapsulate my experience during the 1st month of the Beat the Host contest.

The Official Results are below:

Saturday, January 23rd
Track Race Post
(ET) Host Pick Host Results Winning Runner Winner Payout
Gulfstream Park 3 2:10pm #6 Gift Coupon $0.00 #7 Unsung Song $24.00
Fair Grounds 5 3:13pm #6 Harbin $0.00 #2 Laheen $14.50
Gulfstream Park 6 3:36pm #5 Paizano $20.50 #5 Paizano $20.50
Fair Grounds 6 3:43pm #2 Tybalt $0.00 #4 El Caballo $13.50
Gulfstream Park 7 4:07pm #6 Bushwacked $0.00 #4 Mine N Gems $16.00
Fair Grounds 8 4:43pm #10 Quiet Temper $0.00 #3 Jody Slew $105.00
Gulfstream Park 9 5:08pm #5 William's Kitten $0.00 #6 Winslow Homer $24.00
Fair Grounds 9 5:13pm #7 Trusty Temper $0.00 #5 Annihilation $32.00
Host's Total: $20.50

Prize Winners for Saturday, January 23rd
Place Name Mutuel Total Prize
1st Robert Wheeler $165.50 $1000
2nd Daniel Witucky $157.00 $500

Second is the First loser. ~ Many

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gobabygo said...

Hey Punter,

Are you playing the Magna Pick 5 along with Beat the Host this weekend? And are you hearing any news from Red Rock? Davidowitz said that he ranked in the lower half of the competition yesterday.