Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lots to Learn

Did you ever sit in on an advanced placement class in school or say, sit in a NASA moon-shot meeting? Well, I do know the front from the back of a horse, but sometimes that seems like all my knowings! The Countdown to Derby chats and articles are full of info I don’t know, haven’t thought about, or forgot. Best of all it is concise and weekly.

Their early picks:
J. Plonk: Looking at Lucky
J. Kristufek: Moojab
B. Nadeau: Walking the Beach
Me: Buddy’s Saint

Best Tip of the Chat:

HP NOW - Jeremy Plonk:
Take Control has all the physical tools, --- Baffert wasn't expecting a win and got it in the debut and the ceiling is more impressive than the actual win

Beat the Host is this afternoon, I’ll summarize tomorrow.

Played GP today, and watched a 70-1 come home ….. sadly I wasn’t aboard. Cashed some lost some. Punted hard on Akonite (another KY horse wintering in KY) in a 10k claiming. Chalk won, with Akonite a whatever 5th. Did win my biggest wager of the day on Psychic Income and won, but at 9-5 it was a chalk eating weasel play.

Hottie: Akonite – 5th
Paid: 0, 0, 0
Then played Turfway and made a little scratch back. So far it looks like this, playing at Turfway and making burger money; playing anywhere else and losing angus burger money.

Facts are stubborn things. ~R. Reagan

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